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How to Get In-Ear Headphones to Fit Properly

You are working out, but your menacing headphones are not letting you concentrate. How can you concentrate on the treadmill while continuously adjusting the headphones?

We have to establish that no matter the quality of the headphones, if they do not fit, you will never be able to enjoy the pair. So, how can you ensure that you are enjoying the features and the grip is complementing every activity?

Let us discuss how to make your wireless headphones fit properly.

1. Choose The Right Headphones

This is one of the biggest reasons why your in-ear headphones slip and fall. First off, not all kinds of headphones are for everyone. You can go for the earplugs if they fit perfectly. However, if they are becoming too much of a nuisance, you should try headphones over the head headsets.

You will also find around the next Bluetooth headphones, which might help you secure the grip in and around the ear properly.

The sole reason why you buy headphones is to enjoy all the features it promises. Now, if it is not sitting on or around your ears exactly how it should be, it will automatically diminish the functionality.

If it is sliding down, you will not be able to enjoy the bass. If it plugs in your ears too tight, you wouldn’t be able to listen to most of the lyrics.

2. Place It Correctly In Your Ears

If it is not sitting properly or sliding down, there is a possibility that you are wearing it wrong. If you look carefully, you will find L and R instructions on each pair of headphones. Other than that, many ‘in ear’ also come with a gripper.

Now, the irony about grippers is that if you do not use them properly, they will do exactly the opposite. They can make placing the earphones in your ears even more difficult. Therefore, it is always wise to read the manual and understand the correct way to put the gripper on.

Or, you can simply buy one which doesn’t have a gripper and just fits you perfectly.

3. Get Extra Grips

Just like not all body types are not the same, not all earlobes are the same. Some ear canals are tiny, and some are bigger than average. Therefore, you have to understand the grip size based on the size of your ear canal.

If you buy from a good company, they will always give you the option of grip size. However, it is always safe to have some extra ear grips so that you can try some of them to get your perfect grip.

Try vigorous exercise, like –

·    running and,

·    jumping (something you would generally do when working out).

This is the ultimate grip test any in-ear earphone can pass.

4. Buy One With Good Grip

Some headphones will claim to have a good grip. However, when it arrives, you see that the grip or bud is of cheap quality. Either it is not crafted properly to fit an average ear. So, it is important to buy one from a credible company with good customer feedback.

Suppose you wish to enjoy the mind-blowing atmospheric sound quality, along with the bass, for all your rock sessions in the room.

For this, having the right grip is very important because nothing is more irritating than them slipping away when you are trying to dance like no one’s watching in your room.

5. Your Ear Needs Some Cleaning

There is nothing to be grossed about it, but this is a good reason why your earplugs refuse to fit. The wax can make your ears too slippery, and they might be slipping for this very reason.

However, if you have debris all around your ear, this could also be a reason for your earphones not fitting. You can try and clean it with a warm towel and then maybe try it once again.

No More Slipping!

This slipping and sliding could be exhausting, and if you are someone who works out a lot or just loves to dance with your headphones on, hopefully, you can take some pointers from the excerpt above.

Just remember, even if it looks good and has all the qualities you are looking for, checking the size and whether they would actually suit you is very important.