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Benefits of Using Background Music for Instructional Videos

A recent empirical study on adding background music to instructional videos ascertained that music enhances learner motivation and engagement. The design-based research showed positive effects of background music for improving learning and fueling understanding. Idealistically, background music emphasizes the video’s message and helps learners grasp the contents with ease. Imagine how seamlessly you connect to adorable music from your favorite artist? Do you not always feel drawn to the videos? That’s the same way students are drawn to instructional videos with emotion-triggering background music.

Music Sets the video Tone and Arouses the Viewer’s Emotions

Have you ever watched an exciting and emotionally-triggering movie only for the music to mute halfway? Did you have the same motivation and arousal to keep watching the movie? The sincere answer to this question is a big NO. When the background music is gone, the morale and motivation go too. Basically, music does a simple but great job of stirring a deep connection between the audience and the content. Whether the background music has a high tempo, subtle beat, or sharp soprano, it adds energy to the moment.

In other words, music adds a robust layer of engagement to videos. Therefore, when an instructional video, whether made for selling a product or passing an educational message, has the right background music, it’s sure to achieve its intended purpose. Learners will be aroused and motivated to keep to the flow of the video while grasping all the contents of the instructional video.

Music Overemphasizes the Video Message

One irrevocable benefit of background music for an instructional video is boosting the video’s cohesiveness and overall production value. A video with the right picture content and good structuring but no music will rarely attract the impressions. Background music is the bridge offering a seamless transition between the many video scenes and ideas while entrancing understanding. Imagine a scene where your favorite actor is dancing, but there is no music? What about a scene where an instructor rests for a moment to take a cup of water, and the screen goes blank until they are back? Does it keep you locked to the movie or make you shift your concentration elsewhere?

Background music connects the picture-less scenes and ideas to the pictured ones, creating a smooth transition. The music energizes moments that could be full of boredom, ensuring viewers can remain engrossed in the video even when the instructor is off for a moment. And the noises in the background of a video are not worthless either. Just imagine a situation where an instructor is trying to demonstrate a city life, and they present a city with no street noise? Would you not feel the lie in the video? The value of background music in emphasizing the message is significant.

Background Music Adds Dynamics and Energy to Your Videos

The greatest benefit of background music for kids is that it adds energy to your videos and presents the content dynamically. Recently, people’s attention span has reduced considerably because of the oversaturated media landscape. The music hits the most hard-to-reach emotions, the reason we respond to music strongly. Idealistically, music adds auditory focus and textural impact to your instructional videos capturing viewers’ attention and increasing engagement. People are often aroused by the cues and beats of modern music. People focus more on something they wouldn’t spend a minute watching or doing because of music.

When you make background music part of your instructional videos, you’re adding a robust layer of attraction and humor to such videos. Essentially, you emphasize the illustrative aspect of the video by giving it more depth, texture, and color. Ultimately, students that listen to your background music-infused instructional videos will grasp most of the content and attune more to video content. If you’re creating instructional videos to help your customers understand a product or service, you should add interesting background music.

Whether you’re a lecturer, teacher or a business owner, the benefits of nourishing your instructional videos with the right background music are substantial. You need to understand that an instructional video without background music may not attract the proper engagement, and in worst cases, the target audience may not grasp the video contents. Therefore, if you’ve yet to learn the art of adding background music to videos, you better do it now.