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Best Upper Body Workouts With Equipment

For anyone looking to get in shape, there are a variety of areas on a body that they are looking to focus on. From legs to arms to their core, it is essential to concentrate on all these areas throughout their journey to get in shape and build more muscle mass.

One of the most important areas to gain strength is a person’s upper body. It is more than simply doing a one-minute plank or a 30 minute shoulder workout. One can do several exercises that use standard gym equipment to strengthen their upper body, but they must be done correctly.

Bench Press

A bench press focuses on a person’s chest, shoulders, and triceps and can be done in various ways, such as decline, incline, close grip, dumbells, or a floor press. It is best when a person wants to build their horizontal pressing strength.

The best way to perform this movement is by lying flat on one’s back on a bench, making sure their eyes are directly underneath the barbell. When gripping the bar, they also need to ensure their hands are wider than shoulder-width apart, and their feet should be close to their glutes and then move the bar so it’s over their chest once they unrack it. The bar should then be slowly lowered to their chest and pushed back up by slightly arching their back. 

Bent-Over Barbell Row

This popular exercise, the bent-over barbell row, aids in strengthening a person’s upper back, creating more muscle. It also helps strengthen their lats and erector spine and reinforces their hip hinge mechanics since this movement can easily switch to a deadlift. It can also improve postural control and strength.

To perform a proper bent-over barbell row, a person needs to put a loaded barbell on the floor and place their feet slightly further than their hip-width in a standing position. They then will grip the barbell shoulder-width apart and bring it so it is parallel to their knees with their back straight and torso bent at a forty-five-degree angle. They will then bring the barbell up between their sternum and navel, pause, and slowly lower.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Those whose goal is to have bigger arms will definitely want to add an overhead tricep extension to their upper body workout plan. It is considered an isolated exercise, meaning its only target is a person’s triceps, which helps build aesthetics and muscle. It can also aid in improving shoulder and elbow stability, enhancing daily tasks that involve lifting or pushing heavy objects.

To perform this exercise, a dumbbell will need to be placed in what is known as a diamond grip and then held overhead while fully extending their arms. Their core should be tightened, and their shoulders relaxed while their elbows are tight to their head as their arms bend. Once the arms are at a ninety-degree angle, they should then press back to where they started and repeat the motion.

Hang Clean

Whether experienced or just starting, a hang clean is excellent for all gym goers. It helps to improve over strength and focuses on a person’s trapezius muscle. It also benefits a person’s cardiovascular health and helps them burn fat and improve coordination.

This exercise uses a loaded barbell with a weight suitable for wherever that person is in their fitness journey. They should place their hands on the barbell a bit wider than shoulder-length. Their hips should also be pushed back, weight in their heels, and have the barbell sit mid-thigh. This is known as a “hang” position. Ensuring their spine stays in a neutral position and their lats are flexed, their hips can then be extended as they shrug their shoulders to pull the bar and drop beneath it. Then through their hips pushed down and weight in their heels, they will catch the bar on their palms and palms on the shoulders and turn the elbows up.

Those who wish to gain muscle and strength in their upper body would benefit from doing any of these exercises.