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Blenders Pride Price Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a whisky enthusiast looking to delve into the world of premium Indian spirits? Look no further than Blenders Pride, a renowned Indian whisky brand that has captured the hearts of many connoisseurs. In this guide, we will delve into the world of Blenders Pride, exploring its history, production process, flavor profile, and most importantly, its price range.

A Brief History of Blenders Pride

Blenders Pride was launched in India in 1995 by Pernod Ricard, one of the leading spirits companies in the world. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular whisky brands in the country, known for its smooth taste and premium quality.

Production Process

Blenders Pride is crafted using a meticulous blending process that combines superior malt spirits with the finest Indian grain spirits. The whisky is aged in oak barrels to enhance its flavor and character, resulting in a rich and complex taste profile.

Flavor Profile

Blenders Pride is renowned for its smooth and mellow taste, with hints of caramel, vanilla, and oak. It has a balanced sweetness with a gentle smokiness, making it a versatile whisky that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Price Range

The price of Blenders Pride can vary depending on factors such as location, taxes, and import duties. In India, a 750ml bottle of Blenders Pride typically ranges from INR 1000 to INR 1500, making it an affordable yet premium whisky option for enthusiasts.

Where to Buy

Blenders Pride is widely available in liquor stores across India. Additionally, you can also purchase it online from reputable retailers and e-commerce platforms.

Cocktails and Pairings

Blenders Pride’s smooth and mellow flavor makes it a versatile spirit that pairs well with a variety of mixers and complements a range of dishes. Some popular cocktails to try with Blenders Pride include Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour, and Manhattan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Blenders Pride a good whisky brand for beginners?
– Yes, Blenders Pride’s smooth and mellow flavor profile makes it a great choice for beginners who are exploring the world of whisky.

2. Can Blenders Pride be enjoyed neat or is it better in cocktails?
– Blenders Pride can be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails, thanks to its versatile flavor profile.

3. How does Blenders Pride compare to other Indian whisky brands?
– Blenders Pride is known for its premium quality and smooth taste, setting it apart from many other Indian whisky brands.

4. Is Blenders Pride available internationally or only in India?
– While Blenders Pride is primarily available in India, it may also be found in select international markets through specialty liquor stores.

5. What sets Blenders Pride apart from other whiskies in its price range?
– Blenders Pride stands out for its meticulous blending process, premium quality ingredients, and rich flavor profile, making it a top choice for discerning whisky drinkers.

Whether you’re a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a novice looking to explore new spirits, Blenders Pride offers a delightful drinking experience that is sure to impress. From its rich history and meticulous production process to its affordable price range and versatile flavor profile, Blenders Pride is a true gem in the world of Indian whisky. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass, and savor the smooth sophistication of Blenders Pride.