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Exploring OK Go’s Latest Release: “This” and its Role in “The Beanie Bubble”

OK Go, the innovative and visually dynamic band renowned for their imaginative music videos, has once again captured our attention with their latest single, “This.” Notably featured in the Apple Original Film “The Beanie Bubble,” this song marks a compelling new chapter in the band’s discography. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of “This,” its connection to the film, and the enduring appeal of OK Go’s creative ventures.

The Soundscape of “This”

“This” introduces listeners to OK Go’s unmistakable blend of indie pop-rock with a fresh sonic twist. Opening with an effervescent surge of synths, the track establishes an inviting atmosphere that continues to unfold throughout its duration. Damian Kulash’s vocals navigate seamlessly between verses, conveying both emotional depth and an infectious energy.

The chorus of “This” bursts into an anthem of living in the present moment, embracing life’s opportunities without reservation. The instrumental arrangement is a blend of contemporary electronic elements interwoven with classic rock influences, forming a sonorous backdrop to the lyrics’ uplifting message. Memorable guitar riffs and a pulsating rhythm contribute to the song’s anthemic quality.

OK Go – This (Official Visualizer)

A Cinematic Union with “The Beanie Bubble”

The synergy between “This” and its feature in the Apple Original Film “The Beanie Bubble” is undeniable. The song’s themes align harmoniously with the film’s narrative, resulting in a symbiotic relationship that enriches both mediums. “The Beanie Bubble,” exploring creativity and self-discovery, finds an ideal sonic companion in “This.”

The role of music in enhancing storytelling, and OK Go’s involvement attests to this concept. The track’s inclusion amplifies the film’s emotional impact and underscores its messages about seizing the present moment. OK Go’s legacy of visually captivating music videos also finds resonance in the film’s themes, creating an immersive viewing experience.

OK Go’s Enduring Artistry

For years, OK Go has pushed artistic boundaries, consistently demonstrating their capacity for innovation. Their groundbreaking music videos, marked by intricate choreography and imaginative concepts, have solidified their reputation as more than just a musical act. The release of “This” affirms their commitment to crafting songs that resonate across genres and generations.

The song release highlights the band’s ability to craft music that transcends the ordinary. “This” stands as a testament to OK Go’s unwavering optimism and creative fervor, encapsulating their belief in the transformative power of music.


OK Go’s “This” is more than just a single; it’s a testament to the band’s dedication to pushing boundaries and crafting memorable music. Its presence in “The Beanie Bubble” adds a layer of depth to the film’s narrative, uniting auditory and visual storytelling in a harmonious collaboration. As OK Go continues to evolve and innovate, “This” stands as a beacon of their enduring artistry, inviting listeners to embrace the present and find inspiration in every moment.