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How to Find the Best Comedy Club for an Outing with Friends

So, you have a reunion with your friends coming up. You have finally found a date in your busy schedules to meet up where everybody is free. Now, you have to think of something fun you can all do together.

Well, many friend groups are choosing to go to a comedy club. You can sit down, relax and enjoy the show. You can all have a laugh together and it can be a good night. But, if you are never been before, you might not be sure what comedy club to choose. Here are some tips on how you can find the best one for your friendship group outing.

Know the Location

First of all, you want to select a comedy club that is convenient for everybody. Your friendship group likely live all over the city or even in different locations entirely. So, you want to ensure everyone can get to the comedy club easily. 

Therefore, the first thing to consider is the location of the comedy club. Make sure it is going to be a good place for everyone to get to without a lot of travel. For example, Comedy Carnival has several venues that you can choose from in London. You should also check out https://comedycarnival.co.uk/ticket-info/ so that you know all of the information about tickets to shows and understand the behaviour policy. After all, you want to have a great time with your friends.

Look at the Shows

Of course, a huge factor in your decision is going to be what comedians have shows available at the venue. You want to ensure that you choose someone that everybody in the group is going to find funny. Thankfully, most venues will tell you a little about the performer beforehand. This can help you make up your mind.

So, take a good look at the comedy club website. Take a look at the shows and see if there are comedians you think everybody will like. If you cannot decide between a few options, you can always check them out on YouTube.

Consider the Price

Another element that you do have to think about is the price of the comedy club. In other words, you will need to know the price of tickets and this could influence where you go. After all, not everybody in your friendship group is going to earn the same amount of money and some people may have limited budgets. If you are also planning on going to a restaurant and getting drinks, it is all going to add up.

Most comedy clubs are going to be transparent when it comes to pricing. You can simply look on their website to find the prices. Note that midweek performances can be cheaper than weekends. This might be something you want to consider.

Check Out Reviews

If you are the one in charge of arranging the friend reunion, you can feel the pressure when it comes to making the night a success. In other words, you want to ensure that you choose the best comedy club, so everyone has a great time. Sometimes, it can feel like your fault when things do not go to plan.

A good way to make sure you are choosing the right comedy club is to read reviews about the venue. Other people are going to give you a heads-up if a place is not welcoming or is overpriced. They will actively leave reviews and tell others about what they have experienced. So, when you find a comedy club, run a simple Google search and see what others are saying about it.

Read About the Venue

Do not forget that you want to read about everything the venue has to offer. Of course, you want to see the comedians that will be playing and the shows available for you and your friends. But, a lot of comedy clubs will have extras you can enjoy too. For example, this can include having an open bar before the show starts. You can arrive early and grab a drink with your friends and socialise.

What’s more, some comedy clubs offer ticket packages, which is going to allow you to get dinner before the show. The reservation is taken care of for you, which can make your life easier if you are the organiser for the reunion. You will not have to worry about trying to book a place or show to a restaurant before the show.