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Social Learning In An Online Classroom

Social learning, as can be understood from the term, implies learning from and with all. It is a cognitive learning process that focuses on promoting collaborative learning and empathy. 

People see, observe, learn and imitate what they see. There are two methods for it to happen: direct contact and indirect contact. Direct contact refers to face-to-face interactions, while indirect contact refers to interactions on any other platform such as social media. Suppose that you want to learn how many hours students of your age study. You approach them in two ways. First, you ask them in person, face-to-face and second, you post it in a discussion forum. The first approach is direct contact and the second approach is indirect contact.

Social learning is beyond textbooks and study materials. Many online learning sites have sprung up as a result of the shift in learning to the internet, and teachers have had to adapt their teaching methods as well. Using social learning to teach online is an excellent technique to improve the learning experience.

Ways to Incorporate Social Learning in an Online Classroom

Social learning is more than face-to-face interactions. These practices can be applied to e-learning as well. When you teach online using an online teaching app, you must keep one thing in your mind: how would you have interacted if you were teaching offline. 

There are many ways of incorporating social learning in an online classroom. Here are some tips to help you out:

. Make it about the Learners

Your classroom should be more focused on the students rather than on you. Let your learners interact and express themselves. This is much easier in an offline classroom where your students meet each other and form bonds, However, in an online classroom setting, creating such an environment is not at all difficult. You can use video conferencing to link your students with their classmates, as well as construct discussion boards and forums where students can share ideas and learn from one another.

. Promote Healthy Competition

The thirst to win is in human nature. Use this to your benefit in the classroom.

Make your students compete among themselves to be better than not only each other but also themselves. Make a leaderboard that is updated every week depending on the students’ performance in the subject, class participation, and other factors, and award them. They will be more engaged and have a healthy competition with their peers to achieve a high ranking on the leaderboard and earn rewards and your praise. 

. Promote Group Activities

Group conversation is an excellent way to foster social interactions. Ask your students open-ended questions, give them topics to discuss, and promote group projects and other activities. You can even encourage role-playing. You can also divide the groups into smaller groups and assign them topics to discuss or group projects or assignments. Discussions in groups encourage people to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. 

Final Thoughts

We learn most things by observing and interacting with others. Therefore, to promote better learning in an online learning environment, incorporating social learning is crucial.