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What the Best NFT Marketing Pros Do (and You Should Too)

NFTs are a type of digital collectible and often are associated with cryptocurrencies. Basically, NFTs are representative tokens for an asset or product on the blockchain. They can represent anything from virtual cats to tie-dye shirts in video game worlds — you name it. In essence, NFTs and other crypto-collectibles are powered by the same underlying blockchain technology that enables Bitcoin and Ethereum to generate massive amounts of wealth passively with crypto guest post, even while you sleep!

1. NFTs are tradable on markets, but that’s not all

Due to the ability of NFTs to represent anything digital, their value tends to increase as they become more widely used and as the general consumer awareness increases. In a way, this is similar to what happened with Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017, when popularity exploded on the exchanges.

Today, you can buy almost any virtual item or collectible with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. For example, you can buy Tekken 7 T-shirts, anime figures of your favorite character, and even JANOSPHERES! But that’s just scratching the surface. You can now buy NFTs of all kinds of popular brands like Disney, Nike, and even Star Wars. And literally everything in the real world can be represented on the blockchain.

2. NFTs are private and pseudonymous

Nft’s are not only representative tokens but also private entities that are linked to a publicly identifiable identity or address. The owner does not have to be revealed by their NFT, which means you can keep your favorite collectible a secret. We have seen recently that some sellers have been keeping those addresses private with rare exception, and you know what? That’s cool!

3. NFTs have limited supply

Another reason why people are drawn to NFTs is the fact that they are limited in their number. There is only one of each in existence, just like Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin, but the same number of CryptoKitties! Find here.

4. NFTs can be bought cheap in the beginning

The great thing about owning a digital asset is that you can buy it almost as cheap as an idea. That’s right, you can purchase a CryptoKitty for just 0.01 ETH ($7.54 at the time of writing). So, if you are a big investor, you can make your portfolio shine by investing in NFTs today.

5. NFTs are either uncommon or rare, but not both

Holding a wide variety of CryptoKitties could be fun and profitable. So, why buy a bunch of the same ones? Invest in the uncommon and rare Kitties so you can enjoy diversity in your portfolio!

6. Collectibles are like fine wines — they get better with age

Unlike physical collectibles, NFTs have value that is unlocked as they gain popularity. And just like fine wine, NFTs get better with age.

If you have an eye for potential, you could easily make a fortune off these collectibles. For example, Kitties’ offspring sell for between 0.1 ETH ($7.54 at the time of writing) and 20 ETH ($1415.64 at the time of writing), and it’s not uncommon to find NFTs selling for $1000 or more on the secondary market! And that’s just two years after CryptoKitties were launched for outreach!

7. NFTs are like a mosaic — and it takes a lot of work to make one

It takes a lot of work to build up a great collection of CryptoKitties. But through sharing on forums, writing articles, or even blogging about your favorite picks, you can be rewarded in the end. Just start out by focusing on quality over quantity.

8. NFTs are collectibles, not investments

While CryptoKitties started as an investment vehicle for some people, it’s important to know that NFTs are collectibles first . They would still be valuable even if their price dropped down to zero overnight—just like any other collectible.

9. NFTs are a good way to give back to the community

NFTs have created communities that have brought together people from all walks of life with one common goal: to enjoy and support their Cryptokitties. And you can be part of it too! Just check out the #cryptokitties community on Twitter, for example, and you’ll see how pets became a way for people to connect. This is definitely a more organic approach than advertising, but still very effective!

10. NFTs are fun!

What’s not to love about owning CryptoKitties? If you like having fun, then this is something that could be right up your alley. And don’t forget, the demand for collectibles is going to keep growing as the companies that create them promote them in their marketing campaigns. You may want to start by buying one or two of your favorites today, and watch them grow!

11. NFTs will be even more valuable when they become digital collectibles

The rise of CryptoKitties has opened the eyes of many people to what can be done with blockchain and bitcoin technology — and that’s exactly why it’s important that we keep our eye on NFTs. This could be something big in the future!

In Conclusion…

NFTs are exciting because they are a new type of digital collectible and one that can only get better with time.